I run an agency and I am afraid that you might overtake some of my clients.

My work ethics does not allow such actions. Plus – I am an honest person. I always sign a confidentiality agreement with agencies, so your clients remain yours.

I would like to start cooperation with you, but I do not need or want a time package. What's your hourly rate?

I do understand that you may not need 20 programming working hours in a month. My standard rate is €50 for every started working hour

How do I know which time package is right for my project?

If you are not sure which package to choose, please just send me a message. I will answer all your questions and help you verify your real requirements for programming services.

What is inside the box?

By purchasing the offered service you get constant access to my programmers team, as well as to other IT professionals if necessary. By doing so you keep the easy flow of project works, and avoid the risk of missing resources.
At first we estimate (together) the number of programming working hours that you need. Then we select the appropriate time package. For instance, if you need 50 working hours of programming, you buy the 50-hour package. You pay additionally for each extra minute of programming work.

What does cooperation with the programmer look like?

You are in contact with your dedicated project manager and with me. There is no need for you to contact the programmer. This way we protect you against specific programmer slang and ensure 100% clear communication in your project.

What if I do not consume my whole time package in the given month?

If you do not use up all your hours from the time package, they will be added to the next month?s balance. Your unused hours can be cumulated for one month. After this time they will be cancelled. However, before this happens, I will contact you to discuss your package modification.

How can I cancel my package?

The contract is normally signed for 12 months. We provide a one-month notice period. In order to cancel your package you only need to contact us and terminate the contract.

I purchased a 20-hour package but it turns out not enough, I exceed the limit every month. What to do?

I routinely report our team work every week and every month. If I find out that you exceed your time plan, I will contact you to discuss it and find a solution. If the number of extra hours is remarkable (+20…30 hours), I will propose to   expand the package. Otherwise I will suggest extra payment by a separate invoice, calculated by the standard hourly rate.

How can I verify your work?

At the beginning of each month you will receive a work progress report. It will contain a list of fulfilled tasks with the exact time that each task took. You will be able to monitor the status of the project.

When will you start working on my project?

I will begin working on your tasks on the day following the date of signing our agreement.

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